Website Maintenance

What is website maintenance and why it's important?

Web maintenance is the act of checking your website for updates, errors, issues and mistakes. This should be done on a regular basis in order to keep your website running at peak performance. Countless times have the team at Web Creationz come across a website that has been neglected for a long period of time. This not only hampers your website it becomes even more costly to manage and bring back to the a normal operating level. A poor backend website means a poor frontend user experience also. This is crucial for either a small or large company. However large companies tend to have a dedicated team managing these sorts of requirements, meaning you the small company or business can be left behind.

Regular monitoring of your website is a must to maintain your sites overall health and performance.

A Quick Guide To A Scheduled Maintenance Plan

Weekly Maintenance

  1. Active website
  2. Check of pages ensuring no errors
  3. Form check ensuring running correctly
  4. Website software & plugins are up to date
  5. Broken link check
  6. 404 error search and redirect or fix

Monthly Maintenance

  1. Website load speed testing
  2. Cross reference and analyse previous months statistics 
  3. Update articles and or changes required 
  4. Security Review and update
  5. Removal of any unwanted spam comments
  6. Testing responsiveness across platforms

Quarterly Maintenance

  1. Review of SEO titles, meta titles, slug & descriptions
  2. Website design review
  3. Scan of graphics and images
  4. Test and adjust backend settings
  5. Review automated procedures
  6. Review marketing and advertisement campaigns

Yearly Maintenance

  1. Update any references to current year
  2. Domain Renewal
  3. Email address review
  4. Website review and possible design update
  5. Review pages and content of relevancy 
  6. New pages with new content

Engaging With Paid Maintenance Service Provider

The team @ Web Creationz can take care of all your website maintenance and allow you to focus on running your business without the headache of your website. Just like any field of work unless you have the skills to perform such tasks it can be daunting to step into a field you do not specialise in. The staff @ Web Creationz have the skills and know how to manage your website which allows you to focus on other areas of your business.

Hiring a outside agency is cost effective however depending on the websites requirements and scale of the site this is a factor in determining pricing. For example a small blogging site with a very limited audience as opposed to a large scale ecommerce site with thousands of visitors per day is a massive difference in the requirements regarding your maintenance needs. However our team is more than capable of providing you with the correct solution.

How much does maintenace cost?

There are many factors and elements that determine how much your maintenance plan will cost however the team will be able to give you an accurate price during our initial conversations regarding your website build. If you have an existing website that is in need of maintenance we will first establish and look at your site before agreeing to undertake your site. This may sound harsh, however with so many designers and developers out there, and some god awful practices some times it’s easier to decline work. With that said though all the websites that we develop have an option of maintenance. 

Costing Factors Include

  1. The size of your website
  2. The purpose of the website
  3. Is the website out dated and requires large amounts of updating?
  4. How much custom content does your website have?
  5. Do you plan on doing some of the maintenance?

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