About Us

Here at Web Creationz, we are a small dedicated team striving to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We understand the needs of our clients and the representation that your website needs to deliver

Web Creationz Founded

Web Creationz was an idea that had been thought and dreamt about for some time. However having stable jobs, regular income and without the headaches of owning and running a business, the idea was simply that, a dream for quite some time. 

Along comes the pandemic of COVID-19 and large amounts of traffic heading online. Being as busy as ever in the industry and designing websites. Our employers focused on the larger size web design builds. From a business stand point we could see the benefit in designing large scale sites, but what about the smaller business, those family owned business’ out there. A business that has been owned and operated for decades being turned away because it was only a small website that was required. Didn’t really seem fair to us.

So we left our stable employment with the aspirations of going big with always remembering about those small business’. Having now departed to start our own adventure here we are. Ready to take your business to the next level with an online presence.


Meet The Team

James Foster

Manager / Lead designer

James has been leading the way with Web Creationz. He has a vast range of technical skills which sets him apart from other designers.

His friendly positive attitude is a key reason why people wish to work with him, not to mention the designs and websites he creates.

James has a background and interest in pretty much everything, there’s not a lot he hasn’t done. From international athletics, representative cricket and rugby league to paintball, go karting and Muay Thai kickboxing. With a young family to help keep him on his toes the dad of 3 sure has his work cut out for him.

Christina once again is a main driving force behind the team at Web Creationz. Her area of expertise is in the UI & UX field.

Her work ethic makes her a major part of Web Creationz and ensures that the projects are completed within a timely manner for our clients.

Coming from an artistic background her designing skills were naturally gifted making this an ideal career choice. As with her husband she has her own interests just so happens these fall in line with James’ interests making for a dynamic duo. Often seen playing competition paintball together the 2 make for a great team.

Christina Foster